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    Hello there.
    i wish to sell my human male death knight.
    i will start by explaining my dks gear.

    my pvp gear consists of 10 pieces of vicious gear includeing the 2v2 weapon and 3 vicous armour set. i have 3462 resillience. and 125k health unbuffed in frost presence. in blood spec i can solo around 2-3 dps in bgs.

    my pve dps spec is one of the best specs on my account. Every item in the spec is lvl 346+ all with blue gems and max enchants. it has 3 epics including neck belt and signil. i can average around 18k dps in raids and aroun 15k in hcs. this spec is raid ready.

    in my pve tank spec i have 144k health unbuffed. im sitting at 5 epics including boots, bracers, cloak, trinket and chest. this spec is raid ready.

    bloodsail admiral
    champion of the frozen wastes
    of the nightfall
    the explorer
    the patient

    im curently sitting at 4385 achievement points not too many special achievements.

    i have got a few nice mounts such as the headless horsemans mount and the war talbuk aswell as a few others. i have epic flying aswell and dual spec.

    PRICE-- im not to sure about what price to ask so >!>ill think about all offers<!<

    if you are going to buy this account i will provide------> an id scan, secret answere, full name on the account when it was created aswell as the adress and the achuall account username (# all this battle.net nonsence)

    please pm me here for a skype contact or msn adress or a phone number if you are english.
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