WTS: EU Spatalos Asmodian lvl 60 Templar + lvl 55 Cleric on one account.

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    Female templar lvl 60- Atholia Gear: Full 55cond2 arena set (full crit +14 socket), arena cond2 shield, arena cond1 fabled sword and greatsword, lvl 60 fabled quest greatsword, Master Durable Drenium Breastplate, Raksha Legionary Breastplate + full ebony accesories set (lvl 50 abyss blue) AP: 110k Mount: none Crafts: 143 essencetap, 227 armorsmithing Kinah: 200 000 000 Full DPS stigma tree, expect Shieldburst (last stigma) Male cleric lvl 55- Zafriel Gear: Full 55cond 1 arena set (full Magic Resist +10 socket), Anuhart Elite Staff +5 fused with lvl 40 abyss blue Pvp staff (+7% pvp attack), fabled lvl 40 and 30 abyss accesories, 3/5 Anuhart Cleric set, 3/5 Steel Rake cleric set, Anuhart Elite Scale Shield, Grogget Warhammer AP: 20k Mount: none Crafts: 100 essencetap, 83 handicraft Kinah: 115 000 000 + 776 plat coins + other coins. 2 green and 1 blue stigma from DPS stigma tree. Also couple of alts on account: ranger lvl 30 fabled gear, SM lvl 22, assasin lvl 22...loads of remodels, scrolls and lower lvl EQ stuff (like full lvl 40 cloth fabled set etc.) Selling for
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.