WTS: EU Spatalos Asmodian lvl 60 Templar + lvl 55 Cleric on one account.

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    Female templar lvl 60- Atholia Gear: Full 55cond2 arena set (full crit +14 socket), arena cond2 shield, arena cond1 fabled sword and greatsword, lvl 60 fabled quest greatsword, Master Durable Drenium Breastplate, Raksha Legionary Breastplate + full ebony accesories set (lvl 50 abyss blue) AP: 110k Mount: none Crafts: 143 essencetap, 227 armorsmithing Kinah: 200 000 000 Full DPS stigma tree, expect Shieldburst (last stigma) Male cleric lvl 55- Zafriel Gear: Full 55cond 1 arena set (full Magic Resist +10 socket), Anuhart Elite Staff +5 fused with lvl 40 abyss blue Pvp staff (+7% pvp attack), fabled lvl 40 and 30 abyss accesories, 3/5 Anuhart Cleric set, 3/5 Steel Rake cleric set, Anuhart Elite Scale Shield, Grogget Warhammer AP: 20k Mount: none Crafts: 100 essencetap, 83 handicraft Kinah: 115 000 000 + 776 plat coins + other coins. 2 green and 1 blue stigma from DPS stigma tree. Also couple of alts on account: ranger lvl 30 fabled gear, SM lvl 22, assasin lvl 22...loads of remodels, scrolls and lower lvl EQ stuff (like full lvl 40 cloth fabled set etc.) Selling for € or trading for Gamez Aion server tolls/items/accounts. Or trading for NA Aion account / kinah on Siel asmo Offer me in €.
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