WTS: EU: sell wow account and power lvl

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    wow account

    1. rogue

    - char got tabard of the lightbringer (reward from shadowmourne chain).
    - 30k g~
    - 11565 achie points, 51 FoS.
    - JC, ENG 525, all secondary 525 too.
    - 79 mounts (black protodrake, amani war/battle bear, Swift tiger/raptor from old ZG, anzu, fiery warhorse from kara, Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank from archeology, and more).
    - 133 companions (many rare and few unobtainable).
    - 32 titles (immortal)
    - 50 exalted reputation

    2.- Warrior
    Hes my main, he had ilvl 373 average.. Mainspecc is fury, and offspecc is pro.. Got 2x 1handers with landslide, and 2x 2handers with landslide, prot gear is 100% avoidance with sheild block up, and 175k hp unbuffed

    Also a lvl 60 twink - full tier 2 and 2.5

    power leveling price negotiable

    contac my pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.