WTS: EU premium account 75 LM, 68 CPT + more

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    Looking to sell my EU account. Main char is a lvl 75 Loremaster, there is a lvl 68 captain on his way to dunland and a couple more chars. The account is premium, meaning all trait slots/bags/gold etc on the 4 available and 1 unavailable char are unlocked (those chars are on Eldar server). More details: 75 Loremaster: -fully equipped with galtrev set/legendary items/jewellery from RoI -345k destiny points -245G, 39k skirmish marks -kindred with all factions except Eldgang -kindred with tailor's guild -all essential and many more virtues 12 -member of one of the most famous kinships of the server That's a char you can take to any endgame instance/raid. 68 Captain: -quest equipment (was levelling him through Enedwaith when I stopped) -46G, 9k skirmish marks -kindred with most factions of Eriador, moria, mirkwood -SM cook, no guild -all essential virtues 10-12 (will be all 12 after levelling through dunland) There is also a 33 minstrel, 4 burglar and an unavailable 30 hunter (all of those with unlocked traits/bags/gold etc). The account also has a R5 reaver. Account details: Quest packs unlocked through tp: Evendim, Misty mountains, Angmar, Enedwaith, Mirkwood, Moria, Dunland (RoI quest pack only) Account has 1250 turbine points to spend. Draigoch raid/update 5 instances NOT unlocked. There are a few chars around lvl 20 in a few more servers. PM me if interested/want more info about something and state your offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.