WTS EU perento asmo full AP 55 Gladiator + 42 GG/AP sorc

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    Hello, want to sell aion account on EU Perento server / Asmodian circa 600M++ kinah in goods and cash lvl 55 gladiator: +12 bakarma spear with 50 elite abyss +12 elite lvl 40 AP set all enchaned to match best pvp stat combo (crit, acc, hp, att) pvp jellwery: 3xlvl55 gold AP 2xlvl50 AP 1x ragnarok's corudum earing's screen: ***************************************************** Something like 1 200 000 AP together (on char + items + tokens) 50 plat medals (more then 80 plats still available from pve quests) 100 best AP life serum advanced stigmas from aoe tree + plastic surgery ticket + godstone from general quest (Zikel's Pride) craft: essecncetaping 420 aethertaping 490 weaponsmithing 503/549 + including 55 balic and drenium rare recipes alchemy 399 armorsmith 350 pve gear anuhar elite scale set (sword combo) horned dragon emperor greatsword (lowest price 110M kinah, not binded) Fenris set 3 parts from malika set 3 parts from anuhart 1x eternal ring some more goldie's ------------------------------------------------ lvl 42 sorc twink: +12 lestin baned book with casting speed inside 3x lvl 30 elite abyss (+12) 1x casting speed gloves (+5) 1x gold greaves (+5) 3x lvl 30 elte abyss jelwery todo: get rest abyss jelwery ------------------------------------------------ 200 M kinah in cash** + lot of best consumables in price 85 M kinah* + crafting mats in price 20 M kinah* + all manastones in price 90 M kinah* (attack, HP, accuracy, crit) + enchants in price 117 M kinah* (wide scale from lvl 40 - 86) + 15 months veteran rewards * all prices was set acording auction house prices, curent state can be only better :) ** circa so much and I am using it to make more money / craft eternal balic weapon ------------------------------------------------ you can send offers to buy account till 27.7.2011 then the auction ends. offers or aditional questions here -> ***************************************************** Im only looking for a honest buyer. Do not pm me asking if u can log on my account and check - im not dumb - i only accept full payment before u will get password to the account. Im also first and only owner of the account and got all mails/ncsoft spam they send. Im only gonna accept PayPal transaction. I do not accept any other payment then real life money (euro) - so dont offer ur account or some other game accounts/gold. This good geared character with lot of potential and lot's of kinah on probably the best pvp servers in EU so dont waste your time if u are not here for serious offer.
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