[WTS] EU nordic&east Lol account LVL 30,lot of Runes,lot of skins(free server tranfer)

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    Selling my League of legends account cuz im going to serve my duty on army ,so i wont have time playing and barely quited those days so i wont miss it Account Info Champions:58 champions own ,MISSING Jarvan IV,Jax,karthus,Katarina,Kog,Maw,Leona,Malhazar,Noc turne,Nunu,Pantheon,Riven,Rumble,Skarner,Talon,Tee mo,Twitch,Urgot,Yorick. Skins: Boom Boom Blitzcrank,Urfrider Corki,Mr.Mundoverse,Masquerade Evelynn,Spectral Fiddlesticks,Dreadknight Garen,Limited Santa Gragas,Piltover Customs Heimerdinger,Swamp Master Kennen,Traditional Lee Sin,Samurai Yi,Pentakill Mordekaiser,Surfer Singed,Barbarian Sion,Dryad Soraka,Bilgewater Swain,Riot Girl Tristana ,Guerilla Tristana,Lil'Slugger Trundle,Primal Udyr,Tundra Hunter WarWick,Commando Xin Zhao. Runes: TIER 3 Marks:+ 1.7 armor pen. x 9,+ 3.5 health x9,+0.95 magic pen. x9,+0.93% crit chance x4,+0.95 attack Dmg x9 Seals :+0,76% attack speed x9,+1.2 mana regen/5 at lvl 18 x5,+0,75% dodge x9,+1.9 ability power at lvl 18 x4,+5,3 health x5,+1.2 energy regen/5 at lvl 18 x5,+0,42 critical chance x3,+0,59 ability power x5,+0,41 mana regen/5 x9,+1.4 armor x9,+19 health at lvl 18 x6 Glyphs: +2.2 energy x5,+0.99 mana regen /5 at lvl 18 x9,+3.1 ability power at lvl 18 x4,+0.99 ability power x5,+1.5 magic resist x9 Quintessences: +3.3 armor pen. x3,+26 health x3,+1.9 magic pen.,+1.98%crit chance x3,+5.0 ability power x2,+4.3 armor x1 PAYMENT Accepting Paypal or Wester Union. Price 110euro Contract Me for more info via Giannis_kissouras or message me on spamsite,Im the origina owner of the acc,i got all the info to provide u.My stats on normal are 678 wins ,No games on ranked ,no games stats on Dominion,got 189 RP and 768 IP + free transfer
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