WTS: EU: Night Elf Warrior 400ilvl===5300AP===7/8DS HEROIC===395 ILVL ALT HUNTER!

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    Im selling Night Elf Female Warrior with equipped 400ilvl Protection gear.It has several Heroic items aswell as full DPS OS with average 395ilvl.


    Jewelcrafting-525 with lots of epic gems recipes + gems.
    Blacksmithing-404 only needed to have 2 extra sockets on wrists/hands.
    Cooking-525 with 140 recipes.
    First Aid-525.

    Every single Heirloom available ingame is stated in the bank + enchant on it.
    ~60 mounts including:

    Swift White Hawkstrider(extremely rare).
    Green Proto Drake(rare aswell).
    X 53 Touring Rocket-2seat mount from RaF service.
    Twilight Drake.
    Ulduar 25 man # drakes...
    Amani Bear and so.

    Alternative Character.

    Worgen Hunter with Average item level 395.Achievement points:1200 or so.

    Leatherworking-525 with several epic recipes and all epic leg enchants bought from leather vendors.
    First Aid-525

    Dragon Soul Normal 8/8 Clear and ... SAVIOR OF AZEROTH TITLE FROM MADNESS HEROIC!!!

    Account is bought LONG AGO from TRUSTED MEMBER(Betze,one of the best worldwide)so its 100% safe from recall or something like that.CD KEYS,SQ/SA + Emails coming along with the account.


    Contact me here or skype:insaneball
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