WTS: EU: my Goblin Male Hunter - Perfect Pre raid char!

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    Selling my Goblin - Hes just started to do heroics hes at itemlvl is 334 so getting pretty decent.

    Armory : WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles.

    Also got a 83 Tauren shaman Female and a 68 UD mage. And some other low levels.

    Justice: 3507
    Valor: 210
    Honor: 2249
    Champions Seals: 35

    Mining: 525
    Engineer: 320 but got a lot of stuff in bank to level it up.
    First Aid: 525

    And Master Riding.

    Gold: 26965 + more on alts so aprox 30k.

    Payment via playerup.com or Paypal. I'm PayPal Verified. Will only trade with PayPal Verified person.

    Taking Offers.

    I'm the orginal owner so you will get everything scanned ID photo, SQ and email change.

    Account still active.

    Contact me on MSN [email protected] or just post here/PM me.

    If there is anything I left out you feel is important please let me know.

    Can show char in game if thats needed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.