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    Hi there new to this site so if I post something wrong I apologize in advance

    I have 2 level 85 Mages both male (1 Worgen and 1 Draenei). The main has an Ilvl of 350 and the other is 341. I have about 15k in gold not including what can be sold from bank tabs. I have a 64 Nelf Warrior (twink) 48 Rogue (Twink) 34 Warlock (Twink) and a 76 DK. mages have 525 proffs Engineering, Leatherworking, Skinning and Tailoring. (LW and Tailoring have all epic recipes). All are alliance. Account is active with game time. I am the original owner. PM if there is anything else you require thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.