WTS EU LVL50 Elf Champion + starter Character

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    Account Characters - 2 Both with unique (English meaningful names). Mapping: All areas Unlocked (apart from the latest sector : Forochel). Monster Play: Basic Monster - no Stats Primary Character Stats - Level 50 Elf Champion: Current Cash not invested in items: 1 Gold 772 Silver 1 Copper Might: - 250 Agility - 192 Vitality - 155 Will - 187 Fate - 318 Melee Elf - 252 Ranged Elf - 215 Melee Crit - 9.4% Ranged Crit - 7.4% Tactical Crit - 12.1% Block - N/A - Shield items on account but currently setup with duel-wielding weapons Evade - 10.6% Parry - 13.3% Skills: Battle Frenzy Fervour Glory Merciful Strikes Swift Strike Wild Attack Boast Champion's Challenge Ebbing Ire Exchange of Blows Flurry Rising Ire Let Fly Track Mines Blade Storm Blade Wall Fighting ??? Sound the attack Bracing attack Dire Need Hedge Sprint Sudden Defence Eldar's Grace Return to Rivendell Sylvan Shadows Blocking Blades Herorics Red Haze Brutal Strikes Clobber Ferocious Strikes - Ledgendary Skill Hamstring Relentless Strike Savage Strikes MANY TRAITS - NEARLY MAXED OUT Crafting Talents: Prospector - MASTER Metalsmith - Artisan (194/444) Tailor - Expert (30/360) Current Armour - Purple graded excellent stats with: Light Blue - Phial of Swirling Waters & Fine Radient Cloak Character Bags + Vault + 3 Storage Trunks (All slots full of items). Lots of rare recipes of Ancient Steel items and GATE keys. Many types of ingots for metalsmithing up to Artisan level - rare metals and mixed metal ingots 50+ Travel - Bay Horse ________________________ Level 14 Woman Minstrel - Basic Stats, is a starter experimental character. Solid Account - waiting for a new owner due to work commitments, buyer will not be disappointed. Offers Welcome
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.