WTS: EU: Lvl 85 rogue (PVE:ilvl348) + 3 lvl 80's + 3,9K gold + SC 2 account cheap!

Discussion in 'WoW - EU Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by World of Warcraft, 3/30/12.

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    Hey guys.

    a month or 2 ago i stopped playing wow,after like....way to many years. :p

    since i'm low on money i think it aint such a bad idea to sell my wow account+ starcraft 2.

    i didnt mention all my characters in the topic title since it didnt fit.

    here are all my characters:

    lvl 85 rogue

    now this was my main,i started playing with this one,i think...about 1-2 years ago.

    Realm: Dentarg
    Achievement points: 5280
    525 jewelcrafting
    525 mining
    525 cooking
    525 first aid
    499 fishing
    ilvl 348
    Titles: of the shattered sun,ambassador,champion of the frozen wastes,crusader,jenkins,twillight vanquisher,of orgrimmar,of sen'jin,of silvermoon,of thunder bluff,of the ashen verdict,off the nightfall,of the undercity,the explorer,the kingslayer,the noble,the patient.

    50+ mounts...here are some that i like: albino drake,cobalt war talbuk,onyx netherwingdrake,redproto-drake,sun-reaver dragonhawk.


    so here are my alts:

    lvl 80 DK. Realm: Dentarg. epic flying
    lvl 80 hunter. Realm: Dentarg. epic flying
    lvl 80 priest. Realm: Dentarg.
    lvl 39 druid. Realm: Dentarg.
    lvl 34 warlock. Realm: Burning Legion.
    lvl 35 shaman. Realm: Ragnaros.
    lvl 28 warrior. Realm: Bladefist.


    this account includes starcraft 2 too.

    i got the cd key's of ALL games,and yes i know the secret question answer

    price: €100,- euro's is buyout. but you can always leave an offer,i'll take them in consideration,since i don't know if i am asking to much :p.

    I'm using paypal.

    u can Pm me for more info or leave a reply

    i just hope someone's interested!

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Not open for further replies.