WTS EU lvl 55 Cleric good gear account! [perento-asmo] ( 1 2)

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    Hello everyone, I’m sad to quit playing aion due to real life not giving me time to play anymore and I’m putting up my dear cleric for sale. I’m the original owner of this account with a record of ALL account details. Buyer will get even the original email account I used to create my game account. I’m looking for a price around 400eu. Payment is accepted by paypal or bank transfer. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me via PM. Sample pic Overview 1 HP build for group pvp = 13k HP buffed 1 Magic boost build for solo/pvp = 2.2k MB | 9.3k HP unbuffed Noble Gravekeeper basaim staff with general GS+lvl 40 pvp staff (100 million+ value) 15 months veteran rewards 1.8 Million AP UNSPENT (1.4 Million AP in items/400k on char) 150 Million kinah cash 150 Million kinah in medals/various crafting materials (perento broker prices) Name change ticket 97 Platinum medals Storm Wings Full pvp stigmas 134 pvp crusader tokens 22 pve daemon tokens PVP Armors 4/5 elite 40 abyss set +10 (HP build) 3/5 elite 30 abyss set +10 (magic boost build) Weapon sets 2/2 anuhart 2/2 vorpal set 1/2 etermal stormwing set (I have the shield) PVE Armors 4/5 anuhart 2/5 stormwing cleric armor 3/5 fenris 5/5 dragon flame set 3 parts of laize armor (using with sw cleric armor) Crafts Expert aethertapping (490/499) Artisan alchemy (499/499) Artisan cooking (460/499) Unused Armor remodel Asmodian sexy party dress (11 million kinah) Andu’s party dress (17 million kinah) Full Dragonbound remodel skin Sexy bikini armor skin Cute bikini skin Misc 6k stigma shards 1 set of black dyes 1 set of white dyes 1 set of true red dyes 1 set of green tea dyes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.