[WTS] EU lvl 30, 60 champs 40+ skins, 8 rune pages

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    Hello there, i have an account i want to sell since i am gonna move in with my girlfriend and i am not gonna have time to play games as much anymore. The account contains 60 champions, 8 rune pages with alot of different runes to combine them with, 40+ skins, 550 normal wins, no leaver record and about normal elo, right now its 1270 i will get it to 1300 before this gets sold. List of champions, runes, skins below: Champs with owned skins: Akali - crimson skin Alistar - golden skin Annie - frostfire skin Ashe Blitzcrank - boom boom skin Brand - apocalyptic skin Caitlyn - sherif and resistance skin Cassiopeia - siren and desparada skin Cho'gath - loch'ness skin Corki - hot rod skin Dr. mundo - mr. mundoverse skin Fiddlesticks - bandito skin Galio - enchanted and hextech skin Gangplank - minuteman skin Garen Gragas - gragas esq. skin Irelia - nightblade skin Jarvan - commando and dragonslayer skin Jax Karthus - phantom skin Kassadin - deep one, pre-void and harbinger skin Kayle Kennen - deadly kennen skin Lee sin - acolyte skin Lux Malphite - dhamrock skin Malzahar - vizier and djinn skin Master yi Miss fortune - waterloo skin Mordekaiser - lord mordekaiser skin Nidalee Nocturne - frozen terror skin Nunu Olaf - forsaken and brolaf skin Orianna - sewn chaos skin Pantheon Poppy - battle regalia skin Renekton - galactic skin Rumble - bilgerat skin Ryze - professor skin Shaco - royal skin Shen - golden jacket skin Singed - hextech skin Sion Swain - northern front skin Teemo Tristana Trundle - Lil slugger skin Tryndamere - viking skin Twisted fate Twitch Udyr - Primal skin Vayne Veigar Vladimir Warwick - tundra hunter skin Wukong - volcanic skin Xin zhao - commando skin Yorick Zilean 8 rune pages and following runes owned, all of the runes are the best available and no lower tier runes. Red: 8x attack speed 9x armor pen 9x magic pen 9x attack damage 4x critical chance Yellow: 9x attack speed 9x ability power/level 9x mana regen/level 9x flat mana 9x crit chance 9x flat armor Blue: 3x energy 9x attack speed 9x cooldown/level 9x ability power/level 9x flat magic resist Quints: 3x armor pen 3x magic pen 3x flat health 3x flat mana 3x flat ability power 3x flat physical damage 3x move speed The price can be discussed, i would just like to earn abit on it so i dont have to quit and get nothing in return. PM me or write here and we can discuss it
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