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    Hi, looking to sell my LOTRO account on Snowbourne. Account is VIP with 2 months of that status paid for and still to run. Account has been going since Open beta and has preorder bonuses. I have the 5 year anniversary portrait. I can get exact numbers and screenies for anything below running from memory here. Any questions just ask please. Currently >2500 TP on account. All expansions purchased including the Legendary Edition of Riders of Rohan. Over 600 in-game Gold spread over the account with nothing to spend it on as characters are max geared. Deluxe house on the account. Thousands of Skirmish marks and Medallions. Captain - Level 85. Rank 4 PvP. Healing and DPS Hytbold sets purchased. 3 pieces of the PvP set. Excellent level 85 2nd Age Weapon and Badge with Tier 1 legacies. Excellent relics on the account with plenty of shards for melding. Tier 1 Jewellery, a mix of crafted and drops. Character has all traits unlocked, all virtues at 11+. Character is more than ready for End Game raiding that was just released and Captains are always required so no trouble getting a group. Skirmish soldier is maxxed. Vault space is upgraded and full of goodies. Craft is top tier weaponsmith with enough mats in the vault to max this (just haven't gotten round to doing it). Guild rep is up to being able to craft your own Level 85 2nd and 1st age weapons. He is maxxed with Rep for ALL Rohan factions so all of the new Barter rings are open to this toon. Has completed most Raids etc so most titles are unlocked. Hunter - Level 85. Rank 4 PvP. 3 pieces of 2 of the Hytbold sets unlocked. 2nd Age level 85 Bow and Class item. Well geared and raid ready. Traits and virtues not up to level of the main but are adequate for Raiding. This one is a top tier tailor again with enough Mats to max both Guild rep and crafting tiers. Burglar - Level 75. This character was my 1st Alt until the Rohan expansion. He is better geared than the Hunter was at 75. Traits and Virtues almost max. He is a maxxed Jeweller with both crafting tiers and Guild rep. Tons of mats available. Jeweller is the highest money making profession and this toon feeds Gold to my other characters. He is well geared and once levelled will be Raid ready. Outfitted with a mix of 1st and 2nd Age legendary weapons. Champion - Level 52. This is an alt I never really got to grips with the playstyle of but Champion is a highly sought after Class which would give you scope to learn him whilst he is levelled to 85. Serious offers please for an account that is ready to go with any playstyle you want in LOTRO. Screenies are available
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