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    Hey guys looking to sell my Wow account, looking for a quick no nonsense sell.

    The account has:

    85 rogue
    85 Warrior
    85 Priest
    85 Warlock
    70 Shaman
    and various 1-40 alts

    All on Laughing Skull server. I'm looking to sell this account for 30 pounds! If you message me I can provide armory links, the 85's are all averagely geared and their are various heirlooms spread around the characters. I am also providing the email that goes with the account as it was made specifically for that account and nothing else, I'll obviously provide any security questions and whatever else for that.

    As I said I'm looking to get these sold quick, the price is excellent for what you're getting. PM me with any questions!

    Cheers, Nathan.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.