[WTS] EU LoL ACC 30lvl - 34champions owned - some 3 tier runes

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    So I'm gonna quit lol and start playing WoW so I need some cash. What's in my char: 1. TIER 3 RUNES: 9 flat armor pen marks/9 flat magic pen marks/1 flat HP mark/9 attack speed seals/9 mana reg per lvl seals/2 flat dodge seals/1 CDr per lvl glyph/3 flat CDr glyphs/9 AP per lvl glyphs/2 flat magic pen quintessences/1 flat AP quintessence/3 flat armor pen quintessences/and some TIER 1-TIER 2 runes. 2. 1758 influence points 3. Ranked rating - 2wins 2 losses in 5v5 solo. 1loss in arranged team 3v3. 4. 397 normal game wins. 5. 34 champions owned. 6. Deleted all my friend list so no one will disturb you. What you get when you buy it: 1. My lol acc name 2. My lol acc pass (you can change it) 3. My new email nick and pass linked with acc (you can change it) 4. My email safety question and answer Champions:
Thread Status:
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