WTS: EU: Insane in the Membrane LvL 85 Death Knight 3.4k resillience / 8400+ achi pts

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    Insane in the Membrane LvL 85 Death Knight, 3,4k Resillience

    8400+ Achi Points

    Item level & Max mount speed (master riding)


    - the Insane
    - the Exalted
    - the Seeker
    - Salty
    - Chef
    .. and many more
    *Only a couple more achis needed in Kalimdor for Loremaster title.*


    - Time-Lost Proto-Drake
    - Violet Proto-Drake
    - Fossilized Raptor
    ... 70+ mounts altogether


    45+ reputations altogether /title the Exalted/
    All cataclysm & Northrend reputations at exalted, missing a couple of Outland & Vanilla raid reputations.


    Almost 7k with plenty of mats in two guild banks with 2 slots each. Char banks are also nearly full.


    Cooking, Archaeology, Fishing, Engineering maxed out.
    Jewelcrafting almost maxed out /505+/

    Herbalism almost maxed on alt char.
    PvE: Dungeon blues, & crafted / reputation / BoE epics
    PvP: Honor and Conquest gear, epic sword, cloak, ring, trinket - 3,4k resillience


    Almost all PvE heirlooms excluding the new cataclysm ones.


    Also included;

    - Game time paid until mid April
    - All available WoW CD Keys (I bought Cataclysm via bnet as digital download so no CD key for it)
    - WoW login, secret question and answer
    - Complete access to the original gmail account used to create this WoW account (including security question and answer - you get complete control over the account)
    - in short: you get absolutely everything to make this account permanently yours.

    Offers welcome via PM on this site
    I accept paypal / bank transfer and possibly more, PM me and I'm sure we can find a way that suits us both.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.