WTS: EU: Incredible Warrior LvL 85 / Many Alt's Vanity Account

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    Images here :





    There are many Caracters , Vanity items , titles , mounts and Twinks caracters

    Warrior LvL 85

    Pve gear (Protection)iLvL 363 :

    Pants Tier 11
    Hands Tier 11
    Full epics from raids , trash and crafted items
    170k hp unbufed

    PvP gear (Arms) iLvL 365 :

    5/5 Vicious Set
    Vicious weapon
    All accesories are vicious
    3550 ressilience
    130k hp unbufed

    PvE gear (if you want fury dps) iLvL 360 :

    More then half is epics and in rest heroic items .

    Titles :

    -Guardian of cenarios
    -Chamption of the frozen wastes
    -the patient
    -the explorer
    -Assistant professor
    -of darnassus
    -twilight vanquisher
    -of the nightfall
    + many more

    Mounts :

    96 Mounts

    -Raven Lord
    -Hawstrider from Kael thas
    -Fossilized raptor
    -Blue proto-drake
    -Drake of the west wind
    -Red Drake
    -black war Hyphograf from cenarion expedition
    -Black war bear
    -all kurenai elleks
    -Brown Camel
    -3 mamoths
    -all gnomeregan mounts
    -all sw mounts
    -all if mounts
    -all darnassus mounts
    -all exodar mounts
    -all pvp reward mounts from bg's
    + many many more

    i have 70+ companions pets
    half of this are the most rares .

    Feats of strenght :

    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Reins of the Raven Lord
    WoW's 6th Anniversary
    500 Stone Keeper's Shards
    WoW's 4th Anniversary
    Onixya's Lair

    almost to complete 6000 achivment points

    25+ Exalted factions

    Vanity items : some tier 1 , tier 2 , tier 4 , tier 5 and all to tier 10 (not all fully but i have from all something)
    vanity items : swords , shields , showlders and heads collecor from all contents (the most rares)

    Professions :

    BS 525/525 (all recipes)

    Mining 525/525

    Archaeology 525/525

    First Aid 525/525

    Fishing 400/525

    Cocking 300/525

    All cataclysm factions exalted

    gold 14000

    fly epic is 310% speed

    About alt's caracters :

    -Rogue LvL 85

    this caracter is Bloothirsty geared

    -Mage LvL 81

    some titles :

    the patient

    Awsome Wotlk gears and ready for cataclysm if you like it

    -Warlock LvL 80

    some titles :

    of the stormwind
    of the darnassu
    the patient

    Tier 10 gear, ready for cata playing

    -Hunter LvL 75

    was a Twink full Merciles / Gladiator gears etc
    nice pets and the most rares

    -Priest LvL 71

    Brutal gear and many vanity items

    -Shaman LvL 65

    Twinks :

    -Rogue LvL 70 Full

    Full Brutal gear , bc raids items and many more

    -Hunter LvL 60

    Eh, there is something awsome ... this caracter have the Zandalar set + Zin'rokt weapon and many many lvl 60 items

    -Paladin LvL 61

    Just waiting for LvL up

    - Dk LvL 60

    + many many more

    - im original owner and i have full details : account login , account password , secret question + answer , original keys and ofcourse photo id .
    - all service avaible : transfer caracter to another server or maybe another account , change name , sex , faction , race .

    - Account is active more then 3 months
    - i want a good buyout so ... i let you guys to offer first time .
    - we can meet in game to show you all my caracters .

    PM for details

    i try answer you as fast posible
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