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    Hi - I don't have enough time to play WoW anymore as I need to focus on exams and so am looking to sell my prestigious account. I will be sad to see it go but it has to go!

    I only really have one GOOD character on my account - a Warrior. It has around 135 days game time and has been active since vanilla. It is a female night elf.
    The character is transferrable

    I focus on PvP, as shown by the gear I have. But I have Arms, Fury and Protection PvE gear ready for use in my bank, although the Prot gear may be slacking slightly. In heroics and raids I can do more than adequate dps, circling around 14k.

    But, like I said, I focus on PvP.
    Firstly, I do a lot of BG's and have 65k+ honorable kills, along with the 'Justicar' title, which is pretty difficult to get (requires exalted reputation with all the PvP factions, which takes AGES).
    I also do a lot of arena. I have full 2.2k rating gear which is fully enchanted. Weapon has Landslide etc. Full epic. By the end of the season I will most likely have the 'Rival' and 'Duelist' title too, as my arena partners have agreed to let me stay in the team till the end of the season, if I do sell the account.

    I'm also a little bit of an achievement whore. I have 7.9k+ achievement points, and these don't include most of the WotLK raid achievements, which are very easy to get nowadays and give a lot of points.
    I have 92 mounts - Including a flying carpet (I pride myself for being one of the few warriors that struts his stuff on a carpet)
    I have 35 exalted reputations - Although there are 5 more reputations that are very close to exalted which could be improved easily.
    I have a lot of companions too, my favourite being Mr Wiggles.

    I have 525 in Enchanting - I have a lot of old and new recipes.
    I have 525 in Archaeology.
    I have 525 in First Aid.
    I have 525 in Cooking.
    I have 460+ in Fishing.
    I have 301 in Tailoring.

    I also have a level 77 druid and a few lower level alts.
    I have lots of heirlooms I have purchased too just to spend points.

    I have spent a lot of time on this account and would like a fair amount for it.

    Feel free to ask any questions
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