WTS: EU: ilvl 374 Mage, + Priest // Lock // PaladinMiddleman Seller Guide

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    I am looking to sell my current main character, which is a lvl 85 mage, along with the other alts on the account.

    ================================================== ========


    Faction: ALLIANCE

    Race: HUMAN

    Class: Mage

    Level: 85

    Professions: Alchemy // Engineering (525)

    Item Level: 374

    Gear: Currently the character has only 1 piece of gear which is 359 ilvl, which is the Darkmoon Card Volcano trinket. The Head // Neck // Back // Wrist // Staff (Funeral Pyre) // Wand // Belt // Ring slot(s) are currently equipped with 378 pieces of equipment. The rest (apart from one trinket slot) is currently 372 ilvl equipment.

    Has the highest level of flying skill.

    Archaeology is currently at 525, in terms of account bound rewards, it currently has Tyrande's Doll, and the Ring of the Boy Emperor, as well as numerous Vanity rewards on the mage.

    ================================================== ========


    Paladin, Dwarf, 85 // Warlock, Human, 86 // Priest, Human, 85 // Death Knight, Night Elf, 83

    The Paladin and warlock are currently on the Dragonblight server along with my mage, however the DK and Priest are on the server Runetotem.

    All characters have Artisan Riding

    The DK has the now unobtainable Plagued Proto Drake from the first tier in WotLK.

    ================================================== ========

    I am the original owner of the account, and there are currently 3 different accounts bound to this bnet account, as well as SC2.

    I have all the relevent security details.

    ================================================== ========

    All offers will be considered, PM me on the forum which I will regularly check.

    Thank You
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