WTS: EU: ilvl 367 Hunter + alts!

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    Selling my beloved Hunter after a cupple of years of gaming Im not that tired of the game tho, so i might consider trading it, if the character is good enough

    The Hunter:
    Avg ilvl: 367
    Ilvl equiped(PVE): 365
    9.5k Achievs
    23 Feats of strength

    Full normal content down (exept Firelands)
    BWD 4/6 HC
    BOT 1/4

    Titles worth mentioning:
    Defender of the shattered world
    Bane of the fallen king
    + many others

    Mounts: 80 mounts total
    Dark Phoenix
    Nether rays
    Bloodbathed frostbrood Vanquisher
    Rusted Proto Drake
    Sea Turtle
    Both Camels
    Violet Proto drake
    Twilight Drake
    + all the ally ones.
    Maxed Proffs ( Engineering/Jewlcrafting)

    85 Warrior
    Avg ilvl 359
    ilvl 355 Fury pve geared
    ilvl 352 Prot pve geared

    Currenly 2/6 down in BWD

    Not much to tell
    Maxed Alchemy

    85 Priest
    Shadow/Holy Specced
    Avg ilvl 355
    ilvl 353 Shadow
    ilvl 353 Holy
    Maxed Alchemy/Herbalism

    Since im not sure of the price for this account, come with offers

    When it comes to trading im gonna be very specific!
    Only trading for: I wont accept anything under ilvl 360
    but might consider a warlock if its good Geared.

    I got all info thats needed, including an ID-scann and im expecting you to have it also!
    Donnu if i need to say it but here it goes: Scammers gtfo please!
    PM me for more info ( its alot more to tell) Please let me know what you have/ or what you offer before you give me your contact info
    Or just reply here!

    Dont be afraid to ask questions =)
    Im pretty much online most of the days
    Msn: [email protected]

    PS: Sorry for the spelling mistakes

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.