[WTS] [EU] Hume Aegis, Ochain, Kannagi, Verethragna, 12 95 Jobs

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    Hey, I don't have time to play so I'm selling. On the upside, I had to reactivate to take the images, so you get a paid month

    Race: Hume
    EU account, though I don't think this matters now you pay with crysta? I dunno
    Transfer is available

    Subs: DNC 60
    Other jobs are too low to bother listing

    Crafts: 87 Cloth, with WW, LC, BC subs

    4M Gil on hand, with over 1M Cruor to condense if you want to.

    Mission status:
    Rank 10 Sandoria/Bastok
    CoP: Complete Rajas Ring
    RoZ: Complete Suppanomimi and Ethereal Earring
    ToA: Complete Ulthalams Ring
    ASA: Complete Mage L (PDT/Cure augments)
    MKD: Complete
    ACP: Complete PLD Body Fast Cast/Enmity

    Relics Aegis 95
    Empyreans Kannagi 85, Ochain 90, Verethragna 90
    There's also 8 Sobek Skins and 4 Briareus Helms to go to Almace, the sword is currently on VNM stages.


    Zenith Mitts
    Zenith Crown
    A.Abj L
    A.Abj Feet
    Hecatomb Harness +1
    Hecatomb Mittens +1 Augmented with Crit DMG +4, Dagger +4
    Hecatomb Leggings +1 Augmented with STR+2 Attack +2
    Hecatomb Cap
    Blood Cuisses
    Blood Finger Gauntlets
    Koenig Hands
    Koenig L
    Shura Togi
    Shura Haidate
    Shura Kabuto

    God Armor 5/5:

    Kote augmented with Crit rate +2%, and STP +2
    Haidate Augmented with Crit DMG 4%, STP 3

    Salvage Armor:

    5/5 Usukane
    4/5 Morrigan's (Missing 35 head only)
    3/5 Marduk's (Missing 15 body, and 35 Feet)
    2/5 Skadi's (Have L/Hands, missing 35 body/feet/head)
    2/5 Ares's (Have Body/L, missing 35 Feet/hands/Head)

    Assault Armor:

    Yigit Crackows

    Campaign Armor:
    5/5 Iron Ram

    Nyzul Armor:

    Askar Feet/Body
    Goliad Feet/Head/Body

    O/U Armor:

    5/5 Homam
    1/5 Nashira (L)

    Empyrean Armor +2:
    5/5 Creed
    5/5 Tantra
    5/5 Goetia
    5/5 Raider's
    5/5 Iga
    4/5 estoqueur's (Head is +1)
    Ravager's 2/5 (Hands/L)
    Orison 3/5 (L, Hands, Body)
    Bale 1/5 (L)
    Aiodos 1/5 (L)
    Sylvan 1/5 (L)
    Unkai 2/5 (L, Feet)
    Caller's 2/5 (Feet, L)
    Mavi 1/5 (L)
    Navarch's 2/5 (Hands, Body)
    Cirque 1/5 (L)

    Empyrean +1:

    Orison Cap
    Estoqueur's Chappel
    Ferine L
    Aiodos Body
    Unkai Head
    Unkai Body
    Unkai Hands
    Lancer's L
    Caller's Body
    Navarch's L
    Charis' L
    savant's L

    Base Empyrean Items:

    WAR Feet
    WAR Orb
    MNK Tathlum
    WHM Feet
    WHM Cape
    BLM Neck
    BLM Cape
    RDM Cape
    THF Boomerang
    DRK Feet
    BRD Feet
    BRD Neck
    RNG Feet
    RNG Cape
    SAM Neck
    SAM Cape
    BLU Feet
    COR Cape
    PUP Scarpe
    DNC Feet
    MNK earring
    WHM Earring
    BRD Earring
    SAM Earring
    SMN Earring
    NIN Earring
    PLD Neck
    PLD Earring


    5/5 Duelist
    5/5 Sorcerer
    5/5 Melee
    5/5 Valor
    5/5 Assassin
    WHM Body/Hands
    BRD Body
    SAM Head/Body/Hands/Feet
    SMN Feet/L
    BLU Body
    COR L
    SCH Head


    MNK Hands/L
    BLM Head/Body
    RDM Head
    THF Feet

    AF1 Collected for leveled Jobs, stored at NPC


    All HQ Staves
    Mantis Eye
    Thew Bomblet
    Ocelomeh Headpiece
    Arhat Jinpachi +1
    Arhat Gi +1
    Darksteel Mittens +1
    Hachiryu Haidate
    Herald's Gaiters
    Novio Earring
    Twilight Torque
    Magoraga Beads
    Rancor Collar
    Ire Torque +1
    Orochi Nodowa
    Faith Torque/Love Torque/Prudence Torque/Hope Torque
    Warwolf Belt
    Black Belt
    Atheling Mantle
    Loquacious Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Ethereal Earring
    Merman's Earring x2
    Epona's Ring
    Shadow Ring
    Dark Ring x2 (5% PDT and 5% MDT)
    Merman's Ring
    Jelly Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Militant Knuckles
    Bibiki Seashell
    Astral Aspis
    Bahamut's Mask
    Ace's Helm
    Emp Hairpin
    Raparree Harness
    Ochimusha Kote
    Sarutobi Kyahan
    Bounding Boots
    Snow Belt
    Thunder Belt
    Resentment Cape
    Reign Grip
    Errant Body
    Entois Trousers
    Ruffian Leggings
    Fylgja Torque +1
    Ritter Gorget
    Morgana's Choker
    Shield Torque
    Stone gorget
    Peacock Amulet
    Creed Waist
    Roundel Earring
    Cuchulain's Belt
    Velocious Belt
    Qiqirn sash +1
    Lamia mantle +1
    Pixie Earring
    Hospitaler earring
    buckler earring
    Meridian Ring
    Odium Ring
    Alert Ring
    Communion Ring
    Hercules Ring
    Bloodbead Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Serpentes Feet/Hands
    Optical Hat
    Loki's Kaftan
    Lithe Boots
    Torero Torque
    Tiercel Necklace
    Twilight Belt
    Metallon Mantle
    Boxer's Mantle
    Stormsoul Ring
    Twilight playerup.com
    Teiwaz (trial item for Surya's)
    Twilight Helm
    Twilight Mail
    Zelus tiara
    Hero's Galea
    Varangian Helm
    Adaman Barbuta (3% Cure pot)
    Ocelot Gloves
    Dusk Gloves +1
    Heavy gauntlets
    Tumbler Trunks
    Igqira L/Head
    Ace's Leggings
    Rostrum Pumps
    Blessed Pumps/Mitts
    Trotter Boots
    Agasaya's Collar
    Snow Gorget
    Shadow Gorget
    Dark/Ele/Enfeeb/Wind torques
    Cognition belt
    Cognizant belt
    Impulse Belt
    Hyorin Obi
    Water Belt
    Swift Belt
    Twilight Cape
    Searing Cape
    Nexus Cape
    Hecate's Earring
    Sorcerer's Earring
    Triumph Earring
    Hades Earring +1
    Relaxing Earring
    Antivenom Earring
    Enfeebling Earring
    Bifrost Ring
    Omega Ring
    Diamond Ring x2 (both with INT+2)
    Novennial Ring (unused)
    Fajin Boots (movement speed +18%!)
    Heafoc Mitts
    Ocelot Trousers
    Teutates subligar
    Danzo Sune ate
    Carabiner's Axe
    Bounty Sickle
    Rounsey Wand
    Celeritas Pole
    Egoist Tathlum
    Angel Lyre
    Kingdom Horn
    Cornette +1
    Bugard strap +1
    Pole grip
    Cenobite's Coiffe
    Aias Bonnet
    Walahra Turban
    Taranis' Harness
    Augur's body
    Darksteel harness +1
    Minstrel's coat
    Haubergeon +1
    Glamor Jupon
    Eradico Mitts
    Timarli dastanas
    Timarli Body
    Tatsumaki Sitagoromo (ASA L, Cure pot/PDT)
    Siegel Sash
    Aqua Belt
    Bullwhip belt
    Aristo Belt
    Marching belt
    Scouter's rope
    Harmony Cape
    Tactical mantle
    Umbra Cape
    Tav Ring

    Extra: Lots of seals I collected, all 20 L are at very least +1, so you don't need to ever do Bastion. Lots of +2 Items, and Empyrean Items. Shown in image.

    Not Pictured:

    About 70 Kindred's seal, and various others
    All OPs done/Crags visited/Past OPs

    Image Supplied, apologies for what I'm expecting to me a massive Image.

    I haven't sold before, but I had a look at the service, I'm willing to use that, and I am Paypal Verified. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll check here when I get time. Thanks. Looking for around 2000$, it's a nice account ^^

    Edit: Oh I almost forgot, It's a Hume Male, 2A, and registrations codes are available if you want them.

    Edit2: I missed my entire Mog Safe somehow. There's PLD Feet+1, Kila +3 (STR), Blitz Ring, Triumph Ring, Attestation of glory, furniture, and various other items not really worth mentioning. I can supply a picture if you want me to.
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