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    Am selling my Current FFXI Account that I play personally. I am not charging for the account, but rather the time spent leveling this character.

    Character includes:

    Maat’s Cap + complete AF for every job but sch and dnc ( because its not out yet..)

    WAR 75 MNK 75
    WHM 75 BLM 75
    RDM 75 THF 75
    PLD 68 DRK 67
    BST67 BRD 75
    RNG 74 SAM 67
    NIN 75 DRG 66
    SMN 75 BLU 75
    COR 75 PUP 75 ( all attachments, frames, heads & up-to-date skills)
    DNC 52 SCH 52

    All spells for all jobs ( Blu 100/100)

    Destroyers unlocked
    Dissector unlocked
    Rampager unlocked
    Gun of Trials ~ 20% unlocked
    Lieutenant’s Cape has 90+/100 charges
    Puppetmaster has all attachments (that cost a pretty penny)
    Senjuinrikio is unlocked
    Mamool,Lamia and Trollbane chakrams are all 10/10 charges
    Heart Snatcher is unlocked

    Rank 10 Windurst Rank 10 Bastok (all world Ops current for Bastok) First Lieutenant (one assault away from captain rank).
    ROTZ/COP/TOAU/WOTG all missions current
    Maxhp 7 Maxmp 1
    Attributes Str +4, Vit +1
    Sword +6, h2h +6, Parry +4, Evasion +4
    Enfeebling +1, Elemental +1, Blue magic +2
    Crits lvl 4, enemy crit lvl 1
    War double attack lvl 5
    Blm Flare 2
    Thf triple attack lvl 2
    Smn: avatar phy lvl 2, phys att- lvl 3
    Blu: Phy pot lvl 1, Mag accuracy lvl 1, Convergence lvl 1, Assimilation Lvl 2
    Pup: Automaton mag skill lvl 4 ( fire 4)

    Weapon skills:
    (gun of trials 20%), Decimation, Black Halo, Evisceration, Steel Cyclone, Asuran Fists, Blade: Ku, Retribution, Savage Blade

    Mog safe, storage, mog locker all unlocked to 80 slots. Inventory 70

    CP 17K, ISP 22K, Allied Notes 36K ( allied with sandy)

    Copper Emblem of Service, thousands of assault points, dozens and dozens of rare/ex items equip

    Dynamis access including Xarcabard, Sky warps

    2million gil cash, server transfer ready

    PM me for more info/details/questions
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