[WTS] [EU] Galka MNK+SAM Account!

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    EU Account
    Galka Rank 7+ sandy
    Server Transfer available (Leviathan currently)

    80 MNK,SAM

    Sea access
    Sky access
    Dynamis-Ta v: win
    + done a lot of campaign on this account so will be high (ish) level/campaign points

    MNK AF2 hands/l/back
    SAM AF2 head+1/hands+1/body+1
    MNK AF1 5/5 (+1 LEG)
    SAM AF1 5/5
    Rajas ring
    Bushinomimi (DM earring)
    Brutal Earring
    Askar feet
    Rutter feet
    God gear head/hands/l/feet
    Shura head/l/body
    Hagun (augmented +1dmg)
    Amemet mantle +1(augmented)
    Forager’s mantle(augmented)
    SAM af3+1 head
    Brown Belt (quest done, so ready to get black belt)
    O-kotes ex/rare
    +3haste feet ex/rare
    Wyrm Beard(Fafnir) got (1/3 for black belt)
    + Many more seals for af3 quests
    + Other ex/rare items that I cannot remember

    WHM as holla/dem/mea/altep/haste spells which may provide to be useful

    I sold my main account on this site and 96mil (separately) just over 2months ago, this was my in real life friends account that quit November and definitely as 0 interests in the game.

    The information I have given here is what I can remember off top of my head, I may have missed a few items out.

    Currently inactive at the moment and did not want to pay 1months fees for just 6 days.

    Looking for best offers for this account at the moment, its a great account to get you back into the game. Would not take long at all to pimp out.

    PM me any questions/offers/requests (additional information you may need).

    Thanks for your interest and time.
    Only screen shot of character i could find
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