[WTS] [EU] Fun Char - Hume Female 80NIN 75DRK 75BLU, WW100, Adaman Hauberk!

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    Want to sell my Char, because i don't find enough time to play this game anymore. As you can see from my gear, i stopped playing after the first Abyssea-Update. So i am missing the 2nd, and 3rd Update. The list of my items and other crafts is in the picture below
    ***Account is linked to a Security-Token***

    Character Info:
    Hume Female (watch pic)

    Windy: Rank 10 (all OPs)

    Crafts: Woodworking 100+3 (Gloves, Body & Drawing Desk)

    Assult Rank: Chief Sergeant

    Conquest - 76957 CP
    Besieged - 33295 IS
    Campaign - 167028 AN

    Account Status: Transfer Up

    All Original Owner info available as I'm the OO.

    ZM - Complete - Suppanomimi
    CoP - Complete - Rajas Ring
    ToAU - Complete - Ulthalam's Ring
    WoTG - Daughter of a knight
    ACP - Complete - Mirke Wardecors (Fast Cast effect +5% , Accuracy +10 )
    MKD - Complete - Anwig Salade (Dex +2 Haste +5, Snapshot +3)
    ASA - Sugar-coated Directive

    Dynamis: All Clears
    Einherjar: Odin access (Sieg, Helm, Walt, Ort, Ger, Brun - feathers)

    Mog Safe 80
    Storage 80
    Mog Locker 80
    Mog Satchel 80
    Mog Sack 80
    Inventory 80


    HP 1
    MP 2

    Sword 1
    Great Sword 2
    playerup.com 8
    Katana 6
    Evasion 2

    Blue Magic Skill 2

    Critical Hit Rate 4

    Last Resort Recast 1
    Last Resort Effect 2
    Diabolic Eye 1
    Desperate Blows 1

    Physical Potency 1
    Diffusion 1

    Starting Bid: 200$ (accepting Paypal)
    Send PM for offers.
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