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    Hey, as due to some personal issues I would like to sell my AION Eu acc. It has a full miragent assassin on the German server Lephar with a +10 Miragents weapon and the 600k abyss weapon as for the off-hand. Since being an assassin you would like to kill people instantly, still they try to fly away sometimes. That is why the char has the 320k abyss bow with a slowing godstone on it. Here also is a screen about the gear. IN resources the char has approximately 26KK Kinah, 50 boiling bloodstains(~8kk) and 3 Level 87 enchantment stones each worth over 6kk (on other servers up tp 20kk each). So the Account has about 50KK Kinah worth of stuff on it (excluding manastones and other items). Since I am a PvP player I did not skill andy collection skills (only cooking to 449 in oder to finish the Miragents quest). The char is propbably te best assassin on the server and is widely known. At the moment it has ~ 125k AbyssPoints and ~45K AbyssPoints on the bank. Also the char has 2 items of the level 30EliteAbyssGear. As I understand some people would like to have a char like this, maybe on a different server. As with upcomming servertransers (16€) one can trabser this char to probably any server desired. You can read up on this in the official AION forum. Please PN me if interested. I can include screens about the inventory (kinah and items) if you are really interested in buying. ONly make reasonable offers for this Account, as it has quite a high value. Payment will be through direkt transaction, if you would like I can also make an playerup action to for you to be on the safe side. --> Note: The char probably has the best gear on the server, still as I am a PvP player the last stigma quest is only 3/4 finished. The char has equipped the best stigmas, still one slot is missing (nearly there). The stigma I would recommend to put in there is already in the bank. --->note 2: I speak both german and english.^^
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