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    Sadly I just don't have time to play ffxi anymore so just throwing info out there for offers.

    Race: Mithra
    Rank: 10 San d'oria
    Job Levels:
    WAR 47 MNK 99
    WHM 99 BLM 56
    RDM 99 THF 35
    PLD 40 DRK 1
    BST 34 BRD 34
    RNG 1 SAM 33
    NIN 60 DRG 99
    SMN 1 BLU 8
    COR 1 PUP 1
    SCH 1 DNC 91

    Bonecraft 63
    Leathercraft 35
    Goldsmithing 12

    Zilart The Sealed Shrine
    Promathia The Secrets of Worship
    ToAU The Black Coffin
    Assault Private Second Class
    Altana Crossroads of Time
    Campaign Iron Emblem of Service
    C.Prophecy A Crystalline Prophecy
    M.KupoD'etat Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
    S. Ascension A Shantotto Ascension

    I have quite a few merits mainly spent on whm & mnk

    I have a variety of abyssea af piece for my highest jobs but have the complete WHM set inc. cape & locket.

    Many rare/ex items inc. joyuese, bounding boots, emperor hairpin, o-kotes, suppanomi, 2/3 black belt items & lots more.
    Gil is approx. at 4mil
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.