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    Fairly new to this but I would like to sell my ff11 account it has 93 mil gil on hand.
    All jobs are 99
    100 Alchemy
    80 synergy
    60 all sub crafts
    Fishing 25
    Has 3 Emperyan weapons -katana,sword,gun(85) all 3.
    I am the only previous owner of this account.
    It has been linked to a xbl account but would give it up if need be.

    Rank 10 all nations.
    Zilart, Cop, Treasures all done.
    Nyzul floor 100 .

    Has all abyssea armors +1 with the exception of brd head and shcolar body(base)
    A fair amount of +2's also.

    A few negatives about this account
    Has very little cruror,Conquest points,allied notes or imperial standing.

    Should you want more details about the gears on the character or just in general p/m me .

    Server transfer is up.
    WU ONLY!!!
    Gil and account could be bought seperate if need be. Please also p/m me wtih offers or suggestions on the value of this account
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