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    WTS: EU: EU, Burning Legion, 7x 80lvl, decent gear "EU, Burning Legion, 7x 80lvl, decent gear all classes except palladin with decent gear, more info on PMif needed." WTS: EU: EU! Account GBP "!NOTE! Cash First !NOTE! Attempted to Scam me so far: Shenghu After a few years of playing World of Warcraft (WoW) i have decided to give up, as Raiding is not the same anymore, with the huge Q's And i have no time to be playing anymore. Contact Me: Skype: Joshylong23 Steam: DutyBound XFire: (Come back Later) Email me: [email protected] Main Character Name: Parietis / Latin for Wall Level: 85 Race: Orc Faction: Horde Gender: Male Realm: Vashj Armory: ... tis/simple Celestial Steed - £20 From Blizzard Store ( On all characters, Even new alts ) Vicious Legs, Hands, 2H Axe 6k Gold ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Phazon Level: 85 Race: Human Faction: Alliance Gender: Male Realm: Emeriss Armory: ... zon/simple Vicious 2H Hammer 2k Gold ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Kyronite Level: 82 (Will Level To 85 if Requested, Small Fee) Race: Gnome Faction: Alliance Gender: Female Realm: Emeriss Armory: ... ite/simple 1k Gold ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alts Priest - Level 41 (Dual Spec) Druid - Level 30 (Dual Spec) Mage - Level 36 (Dual Spec) Hunter - Level 30 (Dual Spec) Paladin - Level 67 (Dual Spec) Bind on Account (BoA) 2 Sets are Mail to Plate 1 Set of Cloth 2 2H Axes 1 Staff 1 Mace After checking a few Websites (4), Working out at: £250.92 This can be done Two ways 1) £250 Worth of WoW gold Delivered to my New Account 2) Best Offer, Gets Account" WTS: EU: EU+WTS: US: Acc 85 Rogue 403 PvP gear (very good char) read pls "Hello there, I am looking to sell my World of Warcraft account because I don't play it any more. Here is a description of my main character: Level 85 Human Female Rogue This character has 3 pieces of Arena gear ilvl 403 and enough arena points to buy a 4th of your choice. This character has the pre-Legendary ilvl 397 weapons. This character also has a full PvE epics ranging from ilvl 384-397 so it's ready to raid as well as PvP. The other PvP slots which aren't mentioned are full with ilvl 378 PvP gear so you can be sure that you can jump straight into Arena. I'm looking for around ?150. He has full 310% epic mount, about 20k in gold and another 10-20k in items that you could sell, full Leatherworking and Alchemist professions, a Bloodfang T2.5 Transmog set and a few other things. Rogues are an extremely overpowered class right now and they are the class with the Legendary quest this expansion so if you want a Rogue for PvP or whatever but can't be asked to level one then this is the character for you. This account also has Heirlooms for any class apart from Rogue obviously. Happy bidding Oh also, I'm interested in selling a GW 30/50 HoM account, this account is in a gold trim guild. I don't know if I want to sell it, depends on the offer so let me know if you're interested." WTS: EU: Feral Druid 391 ilevel PVP. PlWTS: US: 4 others. "Hello there guys. Im selling my WOW EU account. My main is my Feral Druid. He has 391 Feral PVP gear and about 372 tank gear. Around 20k g...Raven Lord mount ... Fastest Flight speed... 525 ALCH/INSCR ... Decent achieves. A few good titles. Obviously if interested PM me and I can give you alot more details. I also have another 85 Druid (resto) 363 ilevel. 525 alch/engineer. About 2k g A 85 MM/BM hunter. 391 ilevel PVP gear. Almost 2k conq points. 1k + valor. 525 Engineer/514 alchemy And an 85 Shaman and DK. Shaman has 520 alch 525 engin and DK has max skinning and herb with decent achieves and mechano hog. I dont have much to say about these two they are my least played two. But PM me and i can give you armory's and much more info on each toon. I also have low level alts packed with heirlooms. Each 85 has a a decent amount of justice/valor/conquest. Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks."
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