[WTS] [EU] EMPY MNK 10x99 unstripped with PLacc linked

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    as stated looking to sell my personal accounts have been playing a long time and have come to the end of my ffxi life apparently theres something called a real life that i should try so here goes.

    10x99 jobs
    almost all atmas
    1100 stones
    full +2 for mnk
    full TH for thf
    well geared in all jobs
    bst is new to 99 but has all +2 and good axes
    full twilight gear
    vere is 85 afew scales off 90
    has around 5m on account
    also has around 50m worth of dynamis currency
    fully merrited in all jobs weapon skills capped are h2h and axe

    as stated comes with PL account has war sch blm whm bst dnc 99 over 500 stones lots of atmas fully merrited in all its jobs whm is very well geared as is dnc and bst both accounts are linked to same se id so need to be sold as a pair so understand this when you bid.

    all in all near on 60m in gil/currency im the OO and have all info needed no retarded bids mr washington im not into selling you so dnt attempt. let the bids start!!!
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