[WTS] [EU] Double relic, double Empyrean, double WoE Weapon melee/tank account

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    Elvaan male black hair
    Original owner: yes
    Registration codes: yes
    Server transfer available: yes
    Account type: EU
    SE Q&A: yes

    CoP: complete
    RoZ: complete
    ToAU: complete
    WoTG: Fate in Haze
    Abyssea: all expansions done, Shinryu access
    Nyzul Isle: F100 / Runic Key
    Dynamis: All wins except Tavnazia
    Atmas: All important Atmas/Abyssites
    Merits: All 90s fully merited
    Gil: 300k

    Bravura is Lv90, Aegis is Lv85
    Definately one hell of a melee/tank account, ready to rock.

    Byakko's Haidate, Hecatomb Mittens+1, Hecatomb Leggings+1, Adaman Hauberk are augmented. For details about augments or any other questions PM me.

    Starting Bid: $1500
    Transaction through Service at buyers expense ONLY
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Thread Status:
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