WTS: EU: DK pvp FULL RUTHLESS !Middleman Seller Guide

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    Main and only 85 is DK , he has full ruthless gear both dw and 2h and 3400 conquest points so you can get elite gear+wep immidiately.
    Titles :

    Assistant Professor
    Guardian of cenarius
    Master Sergeant
    Sergeant Major
    Of the ashen verdict
    Of the nightfall
    the Astral walker
    the Explorer
    the Hallowed
    the Kingslayer
    the Patient

    Mounts: 59

    Here are some good mounts : Raven Lord, Amani battle bear, Brewfest kodo,Cenarion war hippogryph,Flameward hippogryph,oba ulduar drake-a,Swift white hawkstrider i Winterspring frostsaber, onyx netherwing drake

    He has 6500+ ach points 6 FoS

    Professions : Alchemy (525,Transmute spec) and Herbalism ( 525 ) , First aid ( 525 ) , Archaeology ( 525 )

    Reputations : 20 exalted about 6-7 revered

    62 dana played,Account is active from end of wotlk

    On acount there are also alts : on Sylvanas ally : warr 28 lvl , priest 58 lvl ,Hunt 16 lvl.There are almost all heirlooms for every class.

    Account was never hacked,I'm first owner and I got vanilla,tbc,wotlk keys.Never banned or something like that.

    Price on PM or skype : dragan.kovrlija
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.