WTS: EU: DK (many titles, PvP VicioWTS: US: Gear, PvE full tank/dps)+ 85 warr and other alts ... ( 1

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    Main Char: DK 5540 achievment points.
    iLvL: 355 PvE / 359 pvp gear

    Assistant Proffesor
    Associate Proffesor
    Bloodsail Admiral
    Champion of Frozen Wastes
    of the Ashen Verdict
    of the Nightfall
    of the Shattered Sun
    the Explorer
    the Love Fool
    the Noble
    the Patient

    [Black War Mammoth]
    [Blue Drake]
    [Bronze Drake] [Brown Riding Camel]
    [Flying Machine]
    [Fossilized Raptor]
    [Red Proto-Drake]
    [Winterspring Frostsaber]
    and many more...

    [Ancona Chicken]
    [Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot]
    [Clockwork Gnome] [Fossilized Hatchling]
    [Green Wing Macaw]
    [Lil' Smoky]
    [Magical Crawdad]
    [Mechanical Squirrel]
    [Pet Bombling]
    [Phoenix Hatchling]
    [Sinister Squashling]
    [Spring Rabbit]
    [Winter Reindeer]

    Alchemy 525/Engeneering 473
    Archeology 525
    Cooking 450
    Fishing 466

    Warrior (85)
    PvP weapon + some gear pvp/pve Hc, Spectral mount + other cool stuffs;

    80 lvl gear, 3 titles, Winterspring Mount, cool RP stuffs, etc;

    PvP 80 lvl gear mostly (relentless + wrath), new alt nothing much special;

    Just a ordinary alt.

    Have high reputation on realm, Have 2 guildbanks full with items, have 11 rares from archeology, lots of other RP and cool stuffs on account,
    Almost all heirlooms except for healing shaman bought already... honor capped, justice capped, 10k gold.

    I am original owner and have scan + security question answer + cd keys.

    Payment= Moneybookers or paypal but i prefer MB.

    Post or PM me with contact details i contact u ASAP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.