WTS: EU: Dk 85 ilvl348 sandstone drak 85 orc mage ilvl349 karazhan

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    I want to sell my mage and deathknight.

    lvl: 85
    avg iLvl: 349
    mount: 310 % normal wyrven
    spec: frost
    gold: 5 K
    full gemmed: yes¨
    hp: 107 k

    armory x link: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/3793401

    Lvl: 85
    Avg item lvl : 348
    Hp: 112 K
    spec : frost 2 H
    Mount: spell: transform into a sandstone drake (310%)
    gold: 45 K
    armory x link .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/2454460

    both characters are eligble for transfer img824.imageshack.us/i/dasdasdadf.jpg/

    I am original owner of the this account it was created when wotlk had release date.
    if you want more info pm me for my email or just answer in this post im not giving out my mail here in this thread since i dont like all the scam emails i recive and thats even when the email is not even use for wow
    110EUR BO
    i am also willing to trade for cd keys and gametime
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.