WTS: EU: Death's Demise Hunter, ashes of alar, mimirons head + 2 more 85's

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    I'm looking to sell my wow account. On the account there are 3 85's, a hunter (main), a druid, and a mage. I am the original owner of the account and have the email account associated with the WoW account, as well as the answer to the secret question. There is an authenticator attached to the account (Physical one) so i could either remove this from the account or send it to you in the mail. Details:



    2 Realm First Feat of Strengths - Death's Demise (Realm first Yogg Saron 0 keepers) which gives the Death's Demise title, and Realm First Fall of the Lich King (Realm First Lich King 25 Heroic). /played is 163 days and he has 80k gold.

    - Proffessions:

    Engineering: 525
    Jewelcrafting: 525
    First Aid: 525
    Cooking: 525
    Archaelogy: 525
    Fishing: 525

    - Gear: Has complete PvE and PvP sets:

    PvE set item level 378 with gear mostly from firelands (including bow from ragnaros).
    PvP set item level 378 with 6 ruthless pieces (including weapon) and Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard.
    He also has the legendary bow, Thori'dal the Stars'Fury from Sunwell Plateau.

    - 11300 achievement points, 39 Feat of Strength's.

    - 110 mounts, many of which are now unobtainable, rare ones including:

    Ashes of Al'ar
    Mimiron's Head
    Swift Razzashi Raptor
    Swift Zulian Tiger
    Fiery Warhorse's Reins
    Amani Battle Bear
    Blue Proto-Drake
    Rusted & Ironbound Proto Drakes
    Headless Horseman's Reins
    Bloodbathed & Icebound Frostwyrms
    Flameward Hippogryph
    Raven Lord
    Rivendare's Deathcharger
    Sandstone Drake
    Time-Lost-Proto Drake

    - 40 titles, many of which are now unobtainable, rare ones including:

    Death's Demise (from Realm First Death's Demise)
    Light of Dawn
    Champion of Ulduar
    Conqueror of Ulduar
    Herald of the Titans
    the Camel-Hoarder
    the Undying
    Duelist (arena title)


    Full bloodthirsty PvP set.

    Engineering: 515
    Alchemy: 525


    Full feral AND resto Vicious s10 set, with 2 pieces ruthless. Blood Guard RBG title.

    Engineering: 515
    Enchanting: 515

    Thanks for reading, contact me with offers/for further information/pricing. Please note that i WILL be using the middleman service.
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