WTS: EU: Blood Elf Rogue | Ashes of Alar | bis pve pvp gear

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    Greetings everyone !

    due to just leaving University and getting a full time job meaning I do not have the time or the will to play this game anymore.
    To reiterate, what you are bidding on is more than decent EU Rogue characters in terms of Achievements/Rare Mounts/Gear,
    Also you will receive details such as original disc keys and ID scans, i am first and only account owner, i've never shared account and never got baned.

    Well as you can see from post name its bis pve and pvp gear
    The sleeper and The dreemer ( 406 item lvl )
    As well loads old school tiers, and few other unique things to show off
    Ashes of Al'ar, Raven Lord , ZG raptor
    11605 ach

    alt priest with more than decent pve and pvp gear
    Raven Lord , Swift White Hawkstrider
    9005 ach

    There is also currently game time active on the account, since from post u can see just most important details about character and account,
    so in game meeting is prefered for you to see more about current and old gear and other titles mounts your interested in.

    I am often available on my msn :
    [email protected] where we can have starting conversation about account,
    character, price, after we can continue to whatever you prefer

    Kind regards
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.