[WTS] [EU] blm90 rdm90 thf90 sch87 ACC

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    EU Account
    bastok 10 sandy 10 windy6
    Zilart Awakening
    Promathia Dawn
    ToAU Eternal Mercenary
    Assault Superior Private
    Altana Crossroads of Time
    Campaign Brass Ribbon of Service
    C.Prophecy A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)
    M.KupoD'etat A Moogle Kupo d'Etat (Fin.)
    S.Ascension A Shantotto Ascen(Fin)
    dyna wins: sandy bastok windy jeuno...valk..bub..qufim
    has all abyssea addons
    Server Transfer available
    No gil or valuables in the acc
    Full raider's +1 plus other +1 for other jobs
    There is +2 items for upgrades


    WAR 49 MNK 30
    WHM 49 BLM 90
    RDM 90 THF 90
    PLD 1 DRK 37
    BST 20 BRD 9
    RNG 9 SAM 58
    NIN 49 DRG 28
    SMN 22 BLU 1
    COR 7 PUP 1
    SCH 87 DNC 37


    HP 3
    MP 5
    STR 3
    DEX 1
    Dagger skill 8
    EVA 4
    Parrying 4
    enfeebling 8
    elemental 8
    Crit hit 4
    spell interruption rate 4


    Grimoire recast 2
    max sub 1
    stormsurge 5


    ice potency 5
    lightning potency 5


    Flee recast 3
    sneak atk recast 1
    trick atk recast 1
    triple atk rate 5
    assassins charge 1
    feint 5
    aura steal 1
    ambush 1


    convert recast 5
    ice acc 4
    wind acc 1
    Dia3 4
    Slow2 3
    para2 1
    phalanx2 1
    Bio3 1

    The account is active at the moment, im looking for offers gil or cash.
    Will only take WU for payment, at buyer's expense.
    Im not the original owner but have all info on this account, even have info with name and adress of original owner (Bills, Driving Licence, etc).
    PM me if you any questions!

    Thanks for your interest.
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