[WTS] [EU] BLM MNK RDM Verethragna multiple 75+ Jobs

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    Posted this earlier and the thread was all sorts of messed up so here I am reposting it.

    Looking to sell my account. I am the OO and all registration codes will come with the account.

    Race: Hume Female, black ponytail
    All Add-ons purchased and registered.
    CoP: Complete, Rajas Ring
    ZM: Complete
    ToAU: Complete, Uthlathams Ring
    WoTG: Prelude to a Storm
    90- MNK BLM RDM
    83- WHM
    80- BRD
    76- SAM
    75- SMN, SCH

    FULL RDM AF3+2

    Traverser Stones: As of last count (which was like, 2 weeks ago) I had 283. I have all 3 abyssites for decreased stone recharge time, so do the math. I'm assuming well over 310 as of now. Stones will never be a problem on this account.

    All major abyssites and atmas have been obtained. Shinryu has been defeated, and his atma has been unlocked.

    3 Lunar abyssite (obviously), etc.

    World Transfer IS up.

    4/8 HP
    4/8 MP
    5/5 STR
    8/8 H2H
    8/8 Dagger
    4/4 Evasion
    8/8 Enfeebling
    8/8 Elemental
    4/4 Enmity Decrease
    4/4 Critical Hit Rate

    5/5 Counter
    5/5 Kick Attacks
    5/5 Invigorate
    5/5 Penance

    5/5 Cure Cast Time
    5/5 Barspell Effect
    5/5 Shellra V
    4/5 Devotion
    1/5 Protectra V

    5/5 Ice Potency
    5/5 Lightning Potency
    5/5 Freeze II
    5/5 Burst II

    5/5 Convert
    5/5 Ice Accuracy
    5/5 Slow II
    5/5 Paralyze II

    5/5 Minuet Effect
    5/5 Lullaby Recast
    5/5 Nightingale
    5/5 Troubadour

    5/5 Store TP
    5/5 Meditate
    5/5 Overwhelm
    1/5 Shikikoyo
    1/5 Blade Bash
    1/5 Ikishoten

    5/5 Avatar Physical Accuracy
    5/5 Avatar Physical Attack
    5/5 Heavenly Strike
    1/5 into each of the rest

    5/5 Modus Veritas Duration
    5/5 Helix Accuracy/Attack
    5/5 Enlightenment
    5/5 Stormsurge

    Pictures speak a thousand words, so heres a multitude of snapshots I took.

    No buyout as of yet. Start the bidding at $200.00.

    Only accepting Money order/western union/etc. Will accept PayPal from people I deem fit to use it.

    Middle man can be used at the buyers expense, otherwise the buyer pays me upfront.
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