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    Want to sell an account on EU server with legendary membership lasting till the end of November 2013, 17438 replay badges(50000 seven cash worth), 48409 seven cash(1000 seven cash = 10 euro), max bank and inventory slots. Main char is a fire tank with 137 skill points 89 combat rating, with 5 pieces of T4.25 PVE tank gear and 3 pieces of T4 tank gear fully moded with T4 mods, full T4 PVP gear also moded with best mods. Full PVE T4 dps gear fully moded and 6 pieces of T4 PVP dps gear with no mods. Promethium lockoxes rings for both roles moded, and necklases lots of trinkets and consumables. over 150 plans(22 T4 plans). Lots of runed weapons(best ones available for PVE) and PVP T4 weapons in the inventory. Lots of nice stuff in the bank and in the inventory. Lots of styles. Three bonus characters. DPS 88 combat rating 91 skill point full T4 PVE DPS gear, healer combat rating 88 with 88 skill points full T4 PVE healer gear, troll combat rating 84 with 70 skill points almost full T4 PVE gear.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.