[WTS] [EU] Account with Lots of 75

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    Smithing 16
    Clothcraft 52
    Alchemy 58
    Woodworking 39
    Goldsmithing 0
    Leathercrafting 28
    Bonecraft 2
    Cooking 0
    Fishing 1

    WAR 5 MNK 2
    WHM 1 BLM 75
    RDM 41 THF 75
    PLD 0 DRK 0
    BST 5 BRD 75
    RNG 42 SAM 0
    NIN 41 DRG 0
    SMN 75 BLU 75
    COR 75 PUP 20
    SCH 60 DNC 41

    gil +4.000.000 (dont know exactly but over 4 million)

    Zilart Awakening
    Promathia Dawn
    ToAU Shades of Vengeance
    Assault Superior Private
    Altana The Queen of the Dance
    Campaign Allied Ribbon of Glory
    C.Prophecy Ode of Life Bestowing
    M.KupoD'etat Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
    S.Ascension A Shantotto Ascension

    Account has ALL expensions available!!

    some items:

    Ixion Cape
    Witch Sash
    Blau Dolch
    Scorpion Harness
    Ixion Cloak

    Face used: No idea, didnt play for over a year
    Race: Hume, Male

    Price: 90 USD

    Payment: PayPal only

    I am moving on to FFXIV thats why I am selling this account. Going to the first one who offers 90 USD for it. When I received the money ill send u the levelets and info on MSN/Yahoo or what ever u wish. If u pay by using paypal the payment is made within 2 minutes so you will have your account right away.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.