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    Hey first i would like to say i have this account from the begining of World Of Warcraft which is around 5-6 Years so a friend told me this Website so i can sell it here so let's get started i'm gonna give a quick description of Chars and if u are intrested i can send u some screens or armory

    1ST Char is PRIEST have 2.6k EXP arena on it got t2 gear and it's in one of best PvE guilds on realm it's like top 10 atm with 7/7 Firelands Progress got full PvP gear T2 weapons have some PvE gear aswell
    2ND Char is mage it's 2.4k exp FULL TiER 2 gear and also some PvE pieces from BWD and BoT got 2.4k team atm
    3RD is Warlock Beging with almost FULL Firelands PvE gear in same guild as the priest got PvP gear aswell but doesn't have any good arena exp mostly honor or conquest gear
    4TH char is pally got 10k Achivement points some PvE gear and also some PvP not big deal tho but have alot of acihvements x2 proffesions at max
    5Th is warrior it's mostly alt so nothing special full honor gear
    6th is Shammy it's on Russian realm atm but it can be transfered shammy got 2.450 arena EXP full tier 2 gear and some random PvEs from Random HC and BWD and BoT
    7Th is DK it's mostly green leveling gear ain't big deal at all but it's 85lvl anyway
    ALL CHARs are available for transfer renames and any changes i haven't been banned till now there is like 40k gold on acccount and epic flying mounts on 4/7 of the
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