WTS: EU: account with 15 lv 85 chars

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    t is a battlenet account with 2 accounts attached which i used to play with my friend (raf) long long time ago.

    There are 15 level 85's splited between the 2 accounts,it's the same name and info so it's possible to transfer characters between them. It's basicly 1 85 of each class,some of them just dinged but the paladin,2x mage,warlock,rogue and druid have full pvp set already. There is a lot of
    stuff on the account,my main was the paladin so there are some mounts and titles.
    Overall it is a very good account ready for you to have fun. There is gametime until july,i also have the cd-keys and the boxes of wotlk and cataclysm,because the other ones are on the gargabe for a long time now. Main account has got 6 years old.

    They are all on STORMSCALE EU (horde) and alliance are on SILVERMOON EU.

    Horde = One of each class + 4 goblins ( dk , lock , rogue , mage)
    Alliance = 2 DKS with full pvp set + weapon (vicious)

    Just pm me for more info , i can show all chars in-game.

    Moneybookers or western union only.

    300 euro bid

    400 euro buyout.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.