[WTS] EU-Account, many skins; Pax Jax and more

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    Very basic account, currently 1260 ELO Around 420 wins Has all runes you will need for whatever Champion. 2600 IP Points 267 RP points Marks: 9x the following 1.7% Attack Speed 1.7 Armor Pen 0.95 Magic Pen 7x +0.59 AP And various others Seals: 9x the following 0.76% Attack Speed 1.2 Mana Regen per 5 at 18 0.42 Mana Regen 1.41 Armor 7x 0.59 AP Glyphs: 9x the following 0.64% Attack Speed 0.65% Cooldown Reduction 1.5 Magic Resistance various others Quints: 3x the following 3.4% Attack Speed 3.3 Armor Pen 2.3 Physical Damage 1.5% Movement Speed 4.5 Magic Res 1x +4.3 Armor 2x +26 Health 1x - 1.64 Cooldown 2x +2.0% Spellvamp Comes with 6 Rune Pages Nearly ALL champions! Rare Skins include: PAX JAX Legendary Blitzcrank (Piltover Customs) Legendary Vladimir (Bloodlord) Legendary Kog`Maw (Liondance) Legendary Cho`Gath (Gentleman) Legendary Twisted Fate (The Magnificent) Haunting Nocturne (Halloween Event) All other OWNED Champions generally have a 975 RP Skin Including these are Akali Brand Nasus Twitch Rumble Volibear Xerath Garen Udyr Skarner Malzahar Jax (Fisherman) Kassadin As you can see this is a nicely decked account. FIRST DECENT OFFER GETS IT Snowmerdinger (Christmas Event)
Thread Status:
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