[WTS] [EU] 99x5 Fishing 100(Ebisu) Gandiva & 73mil gil

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    Price and details at end of thread.
    Hello, im new here, i first wanted to buy currency but changed my mind, the reason i'm selling this account is because i asked my mom for a supercharged for my bday for my new mustang and she told me she will give me only 4k and it worth 6k so im looking to sell to save money.

    This account is brand new, i created it on june-july last year, quit on october and came back on january, it has 114days gameplay, and most of it is because i never log off.

    RARU FEMALE, It has 73million gil on hand, TRUE MONEY MAKER, Fishing 100 +6 with ebisu fishing rod, can make 2mil daily or even more if have Gugrusaurus buyer you can make like 6mil daily if you fish 200 n sell for 30k.
    Not linked to Square Enix ID, Server Tranfer READY!

    RNG, WAR, BLU, BST, DNC, 99
    NIN 91 and DRK 81

    It has Gandiva 85, Ebisu Fishing Rod, Bellona Ring(1.5-2mil), Mars Ring (1.5-2mil), i think that's the only worth gear i have sellabe since everything these days is rare/ex.
    1.3mil on Cruor
    25k Conquest Points

    Max HP 15/15
    STR 12/12
    SWORD 8/8
    GA 8/8
    STAFF 8/8
    ARCHERY 8/8
    Blu Magic 8/8
    Enmity - 8/8
    Crit Hit 8/8

    Berserk 5/5
    Double Attack 5/5
    Warrior Charge 5/5
    Tomahawk 1
    Savagery 4

    Reward 5/5
    Call Beast 5/5
    Beast Affinity 5/5
    Beast healer 5/5

    Unlimited Shot 5/5
    Rapid Shot 5/5
    Snapshot 5/5
    Recycle 5/5

    Blue Mage
    Physical Potency 5/5
    Magical Accuracy 5/5
    Diffusion 5/5
    Assimilitation 5/5

    Haste Samba 5/5
    Reverse Flourish 5/5
    No Foot rise 5/5
    Fan dance 1/5

    Weapon Skills(just unlocked em for fun)
    Requiescat 1/5
    Upheaval 1/5
    Apex Arrow 4/5

    Fishing Gear + Gil (Have around 80 Gugrusaurus in inventory+MH)




    Ranger TP

    Ranger WS(Can easily get better)

    Some coins


    The gil itself is worth 870 when 12$/1mil, wanting to sell the account with the gil, it has ebisu it can make you 2mil or even more daily fishing, it also has gandiva and bst that can go to dynamis and also make gil farming currency.

    Middle Man is a must, from ONLY, Western Union ONLY, PM with offers, don't PM saying to talk via or , PM only, and post on thread if interested.

    Bids starts at 900, do not have a buyout, buyout offers in PM! EST time, i go sleep at 4am, so start the bidding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.