[WTS] [EU] 95 whm, nin, war

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    Hello, want to sell this account, looking for $200+
    Character transfered on Phoenix a week ago, unknown on server.
    I' am the only owner of the account.
    Square Enix account also has FFXIV account linked to it.

    has most spell on whm, just a few missing, most spell on ninja apart from the elemental ones.

    lots of sellables stuff, didnt sell or give anything.
    heres a list of most important stuffs, might be missing some things from the list but that's gives you a idea.

    HUME MALE size small - RANK 10 Bastok
    Samurai is also unlocked, only need to speak to the guy in Norg
    1,528,659 gils on main
    708,878 gils on mule

    5/5 stuble blow
    1 katon san
    1 hyoton san
    1 huton san

    5/5 cure cast time
    5/5 bar spell
    5/5 devotion
    2 protectra
    2 shellra

    2 double attack

    5 critical hit rate

    8 katana
    4 evasion
    1 parrying



    ungur boomerang
    atheling mantle
    terra, apollo, pluto staff
    perle armor set
    uther's grip
    destrier beret
    bounding boots
    thunder belt
    aurore set
    flame belt
    eradico mitts
    twilight cape
    estoqueur's cape (might have earring as well)
    navarch's mantle
    nexus cape
    2 Hachimaki , axe and h2h
    brisk mask
    hannibal sword
    stanch cuisses
    skogul lance
    magnus toporok
    chiroptera dagger
    magnus dagger
    walahra turban
    orison cape
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.