[WTS] [EU] 90 war/nin/sam/brd+86blu/87blm

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    I just got this account and I got offered a better account. Willing to trade for Gil as well.

    Level 90 WAR/NIN/BRD/SAM 86BLU, 87BLM

    Galka face 3A
    RoZ: Complete
    CoP: Complete
    ToAU: Complete
    WoTG: In the Name of the Father
    Nyzul 100 floor
    ACP: Done, other two are barely started.

    Gil on Hand: 1,500,000 on hand.
    Cruor: 1,000,000 (= 5 brews :p )
    Server: Leviathan.
    Transfer is down.
    PoL key, SE ID/pass available.

    Majority of all the gear has been moved to the Porter Moogle.
    Has all the major atmas needed ~ RR, VV, , Stout Arm, SS, AA, Beyond, Heaven, Seadaughter, Ebon hoof, Impen. Tower etc. Too many to list.

    Has a Caraboose pop as well as several other pops.

    Shin Access. Account has Twilight helm, Twilight mail and Twilight belt. Just missing cloak, dagger, cape and neck.

    Starting bid @ $300.
    Buyout @ $500.
    Or Gil Trade.

    Looking to sell this account quickly.

    WU only, at buyers expense. PM to make an offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.