[WTS] [EU] 90 war nin brd sam 80+ BLM BLU

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    Galka face 3A
    RoZ: Complete
    CoP: Complete
    ToAU: Complete
    WoTG: In the Name of the Father
    Nyzul 100 floor
    ACP: Done, other two are barely started.

    Currently on Asura, server transfer up.
    PoL key, SE ID/pass available



    Very well geared account, with an awesome warrior (nearly as good as you can get w/o ukkos fury). Perfect if you want to get back into the game with a strong main and room for advancement on other jobs.

    Bought the account from Kendrah, a professional buyer/seller, and now I'm selling it after playing it for about 3 months. I don't have much itrader rep, but I do have a link to previous transactions I've done regarding account sales.

    Starting bid @ $250.
    Buyout @ $450.

    WU only, at buyers expense. PM to make an offer, or request any info I may have missed.
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