[WTS] [EU] 8x90's 1x85 6x75 Hume Male

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    Character Info 1 (Required)
    Jobs and Levels?
    90 War,Mnk,Whm,Rdm,Blm,Thf,Brd,Pld
    85 Drk
    75 Bst, Rng, Sam, Nin, Drg, Smn
    67 Dnc
    37 Blu, Sch
    24 Cor
    23 Pup

    Hume Male

    Face Type?

    World (Server) Transfer available?: No
    If no, when is it available?:August 7th

    Account Info (Required)
    Account Type: EU Account

    Are you the original owner?: No
    If no, do you have original owner's info?: No
    SE ID attached? Yes
    Do you have the Secret Question & Answer? Yes
    Do you have PoL or FF CD keys?: Yes
    First and last 4 digits of credit card available?: No
    Is your account activated? Yes
    If yes, are there any unpaid fees? Mules or server transfers you performed. (Check new services on account): No
    Were you ever banned?: No
    If yes, why?:
    Did you ever do a chargeback? No

    Purchase Info (Required)
    Minimum bid?: WU Only (200 min)/Gil (15m min)
    Buy out?: 400 or 30m gil
    Are you taking best offers?: Yes
    How many days is this sale?: 1 week
    Preferred payment?: WU

    Character Info 2(Optional. You can erase this part if you want.)
    Gil on hand?: 250k
    Conquest Points?:763k
    Rank in Cities?: All nations rank 10
    Dynamis Status?: All cleared

    Zilart: Done
    Zilart Missions Completed?: Yes
    If yes, earring? Ethereal Earring

    COP: Done
    COP Missions Completed?: Yes
    If yes, ring? (Not picked)(Dropped it and is available to be picked now)

    ToAU: Done
    ToAU Missions Completed?: Yes
    If yes, ring? Ulthalam's Ring
    Imperial Standing?: 119
    Assault rank?: Captain

    WoTG: Crossroads of Time
    WotG Missions?:
    Allied notes?: 8k
    Campaign Rank?: Wings of Intergrity

    ACP Completed?: Done
    MKE Completed?: Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
    ASA Completed?: Burgeoning Dread

    Crafts?: 96 Cooking, 49 Goldsmithing, 36 Fishing

    Storage Slip 1 Items:
    Enyo's Mask
    Enyo's Cuisses
    Enyo's Leggings
    Njord's Ledelsens
    Hoshikazu Tekko
    Anu's Tiara
    Anu's Brais
    Anu's Gaiters
    Ea's Dastanas
    Ea's Brais
    Nemain's Slops
    Nemain's Sabots
    Askar Manopolas
    Goliard Chapeau
    Goliard Saio
    Goliard Cuffs
    Goliard Trews
    Goliard Clogs
    Perdu Voulge
    Yigit Turban
    Yigit Gomlek
    Yigit Gages
    Yigit Serweels
    Yigit Crackows
    Gleeman's Cape

    Storage Slip 2 Items:
    Koenig Schaller
    Koenig Handshuhs
    Koenig Diechlings
    Koenig Schuhs
    Zenith Mitts
    Crimsons Greaves
    Suzaku's Sun-ate
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Merciful Cape
    Altruistic Cape
    Astute Cape
    Nashira Manteel

    Storage Slip 3 Items:
    Iron Ram Hauberk
    Patronus Ring
    Sonia's Plectrum
    Sturm's Report
    Ariesian Grip
    Cougar Pendant

    Storage Slip 4 Items:
    Healer's Cap
    Healer's Duckbills
    Wizard's Coat
    Wizard's Gloves
    Wizard's Tonban
    Wizard's Sabots
    Warlock's Chapeau
    Warlock's Tabard
    Warlock's Gloves
    Warlock's Tights
    Warlock's Boots
    Gallant Coronet
    Gallant Surcoat
    Gallant Gaunlets
    Gallant Breeches
    Evoker's Horn
    Evoker's Doublet
    Evoker's Bracers
    Evoker's Spats

    Storage Slip 5 Items:
    Healer's Briaut +1
    Healer's Mitts +1
    Healer's Pantaloons +1
    Wizard's Petasos +1
    Gallant Leggings +1
    Evoker's Pigaches +1

    Storage Slip 6 Items:
    Warrior's Lorica
    Warrior's Cuisses
    Cleric's Cap
    Cleric's Briault
    Cleric's Pantaloons
    Cleric's Duckbills
    Sorcerer's Petasos
    Sorcerer's Tonban
    Duelist's Tabard
    Valor Coronet
    Valor Surcoat
    Valor Gaunlets
    Valor Breeches
    Valor Leggings
    Monster Jackcoat
    Monster Gloves
    Monster Trousers
    Monster Gaiters
    Bard's Cannions
    Koga Chainmail
    Koga Tekko
    Wyrm Armet
    Wyrm Mail
    Summoner's Horn
    Summoner's Doublet
    Summoner's Bracers
    Summoner's Pigaches
    Mirage Keffiyeh
    Mirage Jubbah
    Pantin Tobe
    Etoile Tights
    Etoile Toe Shoes
    Argute Mortarboard
    Argute Gown

    Storage Slip 7 Items:
    Cleric's Mitts +1

    Storage Slip 8 Items:
    Lancer's Pelerine
    Navarch's Mantle

    Triplus Dagger
    Rapidus Sax
    Homam Zucchetto
    Homam Manopolas
    Homam Cosciales
    Atheling Mantle
    Brutal Earring
    Ethereal Earring
    Epona's Ring
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Radiant Lance
    Tantra Tathlum
    Walahra Turban
    Tandava Crackows
    Hecate's Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Vivian Ring
    Nobles Bed
    Bookshelf x4
    San d'Orian Flag
    Bastokan Flag
    Windurstian Flag
    Jeunoan Flag
    Behemoth Statue
    Fafnir Statue
    Shadow Lord Statue
    Prishe Statue
    Blue VCS Plaque
    Boxer's Mantle
    Burning's Fists
    Inferno CLaws
    Dancing Dagger
    Main Gauche
    Vorpal Sword
    Brace Blade
    Carbinier's Axe
    Double Axe
    Sturdy Axe
    Seawolf Cudgel
    Sea Robbers Cudgel
    Mage's Staff
    Elder Staff
    Fenrir's Stone
    Happy Egg
    Fortune Egg
    Relic Shield
    Shunten Hachimaki
    Glory Crown
    Empress Hairpin
    Nuevo Coselete (Fast Cast +5 Enmity +5)
    Carbuncle Mitts
    Bahamuts Hose
    Rostrum Pumps
    Bounding Boots
    Parade Gorget
    Chocobo Whistle
    Swift Belt
    Goldsmiths Belt
    Knights Earring
    Diabolos's Earring
    Jelly Ring
    Tavnazian Ring
    Olduum Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Echophoria Ring
    Batokan Ring
    Empress Ring
    A.Abjuration Ft
    M.Abjuration Hn
    W.Abjuration Hn
    Seal of Genbu
    Seal of Seiryu
    Seal of Byakko
    Seal of Suzaku
    A Bunch of Testimonies for Maat fights
    Sylvan Stone
    Luminian Tissue
    Aern Organ x39
    Hpemde Organ
    Yovra Organ
    Luminion Chip x23
    Ivory Chip
    Smalt Chip
    Smoky Chip
    Charcoal Chip
    VCS Reg Card
    White Puppet Turban
    Soultrapper 2000
    Ru'Aun Coffer Key
    Vlg Coffer Key
    Ntn Coffer Key
    Judgement Key
    Vermiel Bhuj
    Bronze Zaghnal
    Bibiki Seashell
    Askar Zucchetto
    Shaded Specs
    Augur's Jaseran
    Yingyan Robe
    Byakko's Haidate
    Askar Gambieras
    8/8 Elemental Obi's
    Nexus Cape
    Signal Earring
    Omega Ring
    Evoker's Ring
    San d'Orian Carrot x20
    Mithran Tomato x8
    Aisha: Ichi
    Tantra Gaiters
    Goetia Sabots
    Estq Houseaux
    Creed Sabatons
    Bale Sallerets
    Ferine Ocreae
    Aoidos' Cothurnes
    Buckler Earring
    Star Ring
    Behemoth Hide
    Kukulkan's Fang
    Cirein. Lantern
    Tantra Body Seal x1
    Raiders Body Seal x2
    Lancer Body Seal x2
    Savant Body Seal x2
    Tantra Hand Seal x1
    Estq Hand Seal x2
    Raider Hand Seal x1
    Bale Hand Seal x2
    Aoid Hand Seal x1
    Sylvan Hand Seal x1
    Lncr Hand Seal x1
    Caller Hand Seal x1
    Mavi Hand Seal x1
    Cirque Hand Seal x1
    Charis Hand Seal x1
    Nvrch Feet Seal x2
    Balance Jewel x1
    Balance Card x1
    Voyage Jewel x1
    Cobalt Cell x1
    Jade Cell x1
    Themis Orb
    Prism Powder x2
    Silent Oil x9
    Earth Carol II
    Saltena x3
    Dire playerup.com (DMG +12 Wind -4 Earth +4)
    Death Sickle
    Uther's Grip
    Varagian Helm
    Optical Hat
    Blood Cuisses
    Ace's Leggings
    Shadow Mantle
    Shihei x7
    Shinobi-Tabi x105
    Wyrm Beard
    Behemoth Tongue
    Forbidden Key
    Sanjaku-Tenugui x107
    Kindred Crest x63
    H. Kindred Crest x35
    Beastmen Seal x382
    Kindred Seal x130

    Stout Arm
    Voracious Violet
    Noxious Fang
    Thrashing Tendrils
    Deep Devouver
    Mounted Champion
    Razed Ruins
    Minikin Monstrosity
    Sand Emperor
    Frozen Fetters
    Blighted Breath
    Beast King
    Dragon Rider
    Alpha and Omega
    Hybrid Beast
    Perfect Attendance

    Ivory/Scarlet Sojourn
    Azure/Ivory Celerity
    Ivory Avarice
    Ivory Confluence
    Ivory Expertise
    Ivory Fortune
    Ivory Kimet
    Ivory Acumen
    Ivory Perspicacity
    Ivory Reaper
    Ivory Guerdon
    Ivory Furtherance
    Ivory Merit
    Lunar x3

    Zone Boss Wins: Kon,Misx,Ulg,Tah,LaThiene,Altep,Atto
    Cat Wins: Rani, Kutharei, Iratham
    Travers Stones: 37
    Cruor: 1,894,742
    All Red Procs
    All Yellow cept Blue Mage
    Almost all Blue procs
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