WTS: EU: 85lvl pala (Ilvl 350,Zulian tiger) +3 lvl 80 alts ( 1 2)Middleman Seller Guide

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    BE Paladin (85lvl holy/prot , main spec holy) item lvl 350

    Title : the Diplomat
    the Explorer
    Assistant Professor
    Guardian of Cenarius etc.

    Mounts :
    [Swift Zulian Tiger]
    [Armored Blue Wind Rider]
    [Blue Drake]
    [Bronze Drake]
    [Blue Riding Nether Ray]
    [Cenarion War Hippogryph]
    [Cobalt Riding Talbuk]
    [Cobalt War Talbuk]
    [Dire Wolf]
    [Flying Machine]
    [Goblin Turbo-Trike]
    [Red Riding Nether Ray]
    [Green Riding Nether Ray]
    [Purple Riding Nether Ray]
    [Silver Riding Nether Ray]
    [Silver Riding Talbuk]
    [Silver War Talbuk]
    [Swift Brown Wolf]
    [Tan Riding Camel] and many more ....

    [Fossilized Hatchling]
    [Lil' Smoky]
    [Elementium Geode]
    [Nether Ray Fry]
    [White Tickbird Hatchling]
    [Tiny Sporebat] and many more ....
    Professions: 525 (Engineering/Mining)
    Achievements Points : 4005

    Character got [Vicious Gladiator's Gavel], 10k gold , and many cool stuff.

    Acc got 3 lvl 80 alts (mage,hunter,priest) , with some good achievements and mounts ,and old stuff.
    Also all heirlooms on account are bought and proffesions maxed. so gold and leveling won't be problem
    It have 1 guild bank full with stuff for sale.
    Im original owner and got CD-key , ID scan ,Sq/Sa ...

    Payment is going over Moneybookers and rarely over PayPal.

    Post here or PM me contact details so i add you ASAP when i come online.

    PALA :

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.